The company

Our company, "Mesogeiaki Elaiones", is the continuation of a traditional, family-owned olive-processing company that has been operating in the Mesogeio region of Attica since 1870.

Today’s Mesogeiaki Elaiones company has developed its activities. Now, as well as producing olive oil, we make standardised extra virgin olive oil in our modern facilities. These include state of the art technology and are situated in a privately owned area of Paiania, Attica. Our company is dedicated to producing high quality Mediterranean olives, and to maintaining its high professional values over time. To do this, we use the most appropriate mechanical methods of processing which always produce extra virgin olive oil of the highest possible quality and with the best possible organoleptic characteristics.

We are proud to continue our family tradition with love, care and respect for the olive, which is both our product and our ally in our many years of experience.